Tish Tindall

What is it about this unforgeTTably fabulous ScoTTish brand?

Well, first of all…she is international, instantly recognisable and unique. She is a genius, and she is lovely! (That is why the late Hollywood Producer David Gest asked her to rewrite a musical he produced with Michael Jackson, Anthony Perkins, and Gene Kelly.) Tish is fabulous. She is a multifaceted masterpiece maker who is as equally at home in the Hollywood hills as she is in the mountains of Scotland. Just like her homeland, Tish Tindall is steeped in history and rich in natural resources. She is a passionate pioneer of the creative industries and a powerhouse of the performing arts.

As a composer, musician, music teacher, musical director, vocal coach, performer and presenter, Tish Tindall has been trail blazing her way across the performing arts, creative and entertainment industries for over 30 years. A graduate of the Northern College of Education Tish is best known for her collaboration with the late David Gest on a project originally produced by David and Michael Jackson. As a composer Tish creates musical theatre, film scores, television soundtracks and bespoke compositions for high profile projects. She is internationally revered as a “pioneer of the creative industries” and as she continues to bridge the gap between education and industry, she creates opportunities for all her students by building an ever expanding network of like minded professionals.

Burns the Musical

I’ve no doubt the BURNS musical will be a success. Tish Tindall is such a passionate and creative writer. I can’t wait to see it.” Steve Hart, Manager of The Jacksons

“The Fabulous TT is in fact truly fabulous and an absolute delight to engage with! A great interviewer and inspiration to so many around her.”

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Ruth Connell

“I have interviewed thousands of people but I have never been interviewed better than by TT. She listens, she engages and makes you feel good”

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Kaye Adams

“Tish is about warmth, empathy and humor. All my dealings with her have been totally delightful”

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Menno Meyjes

“Tish brings such wonderful energy to the creative process. It has been a joy to continue to work with her on behalf of David Gest, and watch her creativity improve the Robert Burns musical of which we are all so fond.”

Robert Burns

Edward M. Bearman, President of David Gest Productions.