It’s not just the power of the voice, or the Grammy-worthy finish, it’s that Tish had the confidence to write For Auld Lang Syne, and knocked it out the park!

Steve Hart

Manager of the Jacksons and Sister Sledge

in award winning style...

"For Auld Lang Syne" by Tish Tindall is ready to take the world by storm. Produced, mixed and mastered by a Grammy Award Winning team, this powerful tribute to Auld Lang Syne has already been featured (pre-release) by Elaine Paige on BBC Radio 2 and Janice Forsyth on BBC Radio Scotland. For all enquiries please contact Tish Tindall via email.



(c) Fabulous Musicals Ltd

Production: Frankie Young (London) 

Mixing: Tim Sonnefeld (Los Angeles)

Mastering: Howie Weinberg (Los Angeles)

Sounds great Tish, great voice, nice production, it’s a hit!!

Bruno Brookes

It touches the depths of your heart and soul and stays with you long after you hear the last note.


There’s an understated vocal power and lyrical timelessness to it that touches the heart regardless of age or nationality.

Annemarie Latour

Tindall’s original songs have a true power and passion of their own.

The Scotsman