Great voice, it’s a yes from me!  

Ross King

The Fabulous TT is an absolute must see! Wit, humour and excellence at the piano.

Harriet Thorpe

She’s mastered the formula that makes up a Broadway number and exploited it spectacularly!

Voice Magazine

The Fab TT was AMAZING!

Contraband Events

Holy Focaccia, TT is FABULOUS!

A  great entertainer.

David Gest

Great voice! Very funny.

Claire Sweeney

scoTTish and TENACIOUS!

YES SHE IS and she's on the road again with her latest and GREASTEST ONE WOMAN SHOW. Loaded with genius and jam packed with joy, scoTTish and TENACIOUS takes TT from 0-55 in just under 90 minutes.! From Gramophone to Grammys, Brisket to Broadway, LA to Lossie (and back again), this is the journey of a lifetime. (WARNING: she’s taking the scenic route. Some high roads may lead to sheer drops!) A must see, one woman musical comedy sensation, from the Scottish and tenacious, Fabulous TT. 2024 tour dates coming soon.